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This paper introduces the performance requirement of high speed bristling machine and the application of servo equipment


Modern society teeth have become a symbol of health and beauty, toothbrush demand is also gradually increasing. At present, the global annual demand for toothbrushes has exceeded 9 billion, and is increasing by 10% every year. With a large population in China, toothbrush is in great demand as a necessity of modern life. Although the toothbrush is small, it is a mature commodity with a huge consumption market. With the improvement of the quality of life, the quality of the toothbrush is also improved. The production efficiency of high-quality health toothbrush equipment and the demand for production quality have promoted the development of high-speed toothbrush flocking machine.

In the past, most of the manufacturers used the same brand of single-chip microcomputer control system and servo motor electronic control system. In recent years delta servo products with excellent performance and competitive price advantage, in the high-speed toothbrush shaper industry share increased year by year.

The principle of high speed bristler for toothbrush is briefly described

The transmission structure of the high-speed toothbrush bristler consists of the main drive shaft and four servo drive shaft systems. The four servo axes are horizontal X axis, vertical Y axis, Z axis and U axis. The coordinates of the XY axis determine the position of the toothbrush hole. The Z axis plays the role of changing the toothbrush to the next toothbrush, and the U axis plays the role of changing the color of the toothbrush. When the spindle motor is running, four electrically controlled servo axes will follow, and when the spindle stops, the other four axes will follow. Spindle speed determines the speed of hair planting, four servo shaft response requirements coordinated drive, otherwise there will be hair removal or hair uneven phenomenon. Apply delta electric co. 's high precision electrical servo control can achieve 1000 times/min hair planting speed, and can do jump hole hair planting.


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