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What is the principle of the toothbrush planting machine?


The main driving shaft and four servo driving shaft systems constitute the driving structure of the high speed toothbrush bristling machine.

The four servo axes are horizontal X axis, vertical Y axis, Z axis and U axis. The coordinates of the XY axis determine the position of the toothbrush hole. The Z axis plays the role of changing the toothbrush to the next toothbrush, and the U axis plays the role of changing the color of the toothbrush. When the spindle motor is running, four electrically controlled servo axes will follow, and when the spindle stops, the other four axes will follow. Spindle speed determines the speed of hair planting, four servo shaft response requirements coordinated drive, otherwise there will be hair removal or hair uneven phenomenon. Apply delta electric co. 's high precision electrical servo control can achieve 1000 times/min hair planting speed, and can do jump hole hair planting.

Yangzhou siming brush industry equipment co., LTD., the factory is a number of large professional planting wool processing plant. With many years of experience in all kinds of hair planting and processing products, the production manager devoted himself to hair planting in the 1970s, so the production arrangement and the research and certification of the quality of all kinds of products are beyond the ability of ordinary hair planting plants.

I have 10 years of brush production experience, mainly undertake: all kinds of comb, brush, sweeping planting processing, supply planting machine special copper sheet, iron sheet, aluminum sheet and various consumables accessories.

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