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Toothbrush is divided into general and special type - toothbrush machinery


According to the shape of the brush head and the different arrangement of the bristles, the toothbrush can be divided into general type and special type. General purpose toothbrush is appropriate with straight handle, bristles are soft and hard moderately, arrange even, wool bundle is arranged unfavorable and overmuch, it is 10 ~ 12 bundle length 3 ~ 4 bundle are wide commonly, there should be certain space between each bundle. Special shaped toothbrush is designed to adapt to the special situation and special purpose of the mouth, special shaped toothbrush in addition to the shape of the brush head, the arrangement of bristles are different (plane, wave, half ball, concave), brush handle design is not the same.


1. Brush head design: the traditional brush head is oblong or rectangular, and the new brush head is designed in a variety of styles, such as diamond shape, diamond, small rectangle, small circle, etc.. The shape and size of the brush head should be designed to allow easy access to difficult parts of the mouth.

2. The hardness and softness of bristles (bristles planting machine) are determined by the following aspects:

A. type and type of bristles; Diameter and length of bristles;

B, the number of hair bunches and the size of the planting aperture;

C. number and elasticity of bristles per bunch. Medium and soft bristles are flexible and flexible, and can penetrate below the gingival margin and between teeth to remove plaque.

3. Arrangement of bristles: some toothbrushes use forked bristles at the end to increase the contact area between the end of bristles and the tooth surface.

4. Surface treatment of bristles: in order to enhance the cleaning effect, some toothbrushes also add various treatments to the surface of bristles. For example, by adding texture or microstructure on the surface of the bristles (adding soft glue) to increase the friction on the side of the bristles.

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