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Automatic toothbrush bronzing machine machinery gradually completed a "quality" leap


Yangzhou engel automation equipment co., LTD. At present, the domestic flocking machine machinery holding a rapid rise, but the annual mechanical flocking machine only accounted for about 1% of the national grain production, and the world developed countries mechanical drying can reach about 90% of the total production, it can be seen that China's machinery development is far from suitable for production development needs. With the development of agricultural products deep processing, the increase of farmers' income and the acceleration of agricultural modernization, the technical equipment will certainly have broad market prospects and great development potential.


This stage is the mature stage of China's wool machine technology, is a major turning point in Chinese history. In the past four years, while domestic production enterprises are competing with each other, they have also formed a trend of competition with foreign production enterprises. They have improved in competition, developed in improvement, innovated in development, grown stronger in innovation and gradually completed a leap of "quality".

The development of toothbrush planting machine industry in our country is not so smooth, the development also had some obstacles, especially in the open and competitive modern market. The development of manufacturers will always encounter such problems as the increasing demand and requirements of commodity packaging, continuous price war, and foreign flocking machines to seize the market and so on.

The head of the toothbrush bristling machine is the main mechanical part of the bristling machine. The main action of bristling is to take the bristles, cut the bristles, shape the bristles, tie the bristles and insert the bristles into the holes. The head mainly through connecting rod, CAM structure to achieve the above main action. Equipment positioning accuracy, such as: table positioning accuracy, mechanical structure has no gap, process from slow to fast repeat accuracy, control system with what kind of actuator, with what kind of motor.

Do the daily maintenance of the equipment, keep the equipment clean, clean up dust, sundries and wastes in time, add lubricating oil in time, and do the work of anti-wear and anti-rust. Regular inspection of vulnerable parts, timely replacement of excessive wear parts, avoid parts wear impact on product quality. Check the equipment line regularly and replace the worn line in time.

The package with natural and simple design and green environmental protection concept will always win the affirmation of consumers, and the one that emphasizes functionality will also make consumers get surprises. Our country flocking machine machinery industry enters the high speed development stage, tries hard to open the European and American international market. To successfully enter the international market, on the one hand, is related to the technical level of Chinese machinery, on the other hand, is also related to the shape of the American machinery market. As a highly developed liberalized market, the polarization of American machinery manufacturers is obvious.

Toothbrush planting machine industry will be built into a high science and technology content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, the advantages of human resources to give full play to the new industry. Wool machine industry development potential is huge, has become a real sunrise industry. With the increasing demand of consumers for products and the continuous progress of production technology, all kinds of equipment to improve the speed and beauty came into being.

With the continuous development of industrialization, the process and mode of production have undergone tremendous changes. Mechanization of the era is the past, automation is now the major machinery manufacturers follow. Product toothbrush planting machine as an important link in the production process, the degree of automation and intelligence is also improving.

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