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Daily maintenance rules of automatic toothbrush bronzing machine


Toothbrush high speed bristles machine is a variety of brush products such as toothbrush, hair dye brush, comb, wire brush, fruit cleaning machine roller brush, grinding brush roller and other products of bristles processing equipment. The earliest for the hand type hair flocking machine, later developed into electric hair flocking machine, with the development of automation, now has developed a variety of CNC high-speed hair flocking machine.

The machine head is the main mechanical part of the high speed bristling machine of toothbrush. The main action of bristling is to take the bristles, cut the bristles, shape the bristles, tie the bristles and insert the bristles into the holes. The head mainly through connecting rod, CAM structure to achieve the above main action. Equipment positioning accuracy, such as: table positioning accuracy, mechanical structure has no gap, process from slow to fast repeat accuracy, control system with what kind of actuator, with what kind of motor.


Do the daily maintenance of the equipment, keep the equipment clean, clean up dust, sundries and wastes in time, add lubricating oil in time, and do the work of anti-wear and anti-rust. Toothbrush high speed bristles machine regularly check vulnerable parts, timely replace excessive wear parts, avoid parts wear affect the quality of products. Check the equipment line regularly and replace the worn line in time.

Operators should frequently add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the shaper to reduce mechanical wear. Regularly check whether the screw is loose, should be timely locked. Keep guide rail and screw clean, avoid debris adhesion to guide rail or screw, affect the accuracy of work positioning. Ensure the electrical box to work in a ventilated environment, avoid damp or high temperature environment, prevent the electrical box from violent vibration. The electrical box cannot work in the environment of strong electromagnetic field.

The four servo axes are horizontal X axis, vertical Y axis, flip plate A axis and molt Z axis. The coordinates of XY axis determine the position of the toothbrush hole. Axis A plays the role of changing the toothbrush to the next toothbrush, and axis Z plays the role of changing the color of the toothbrush. When the spindle motor is running, four electrically controlled servo axes will follow, and when the spindle stops, the other four axes will follow. Spindle speed determines the speed of hair planting, four servo shaft response requirements coordinated drive, otherwise there will be hair removal or hair uneven phenomenon.

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