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Only by excavating innovative elements of wool planting machine can we obtain development space


Toothbrush flocking machine, high-speed toothbrush flocking machine, automatic toothbrush bronzing machine can constantly improve the pre-sales, after-sales service ability, echo market segmentation, the modern equipment production service concept implanted in the enterprise staff, become forced, active; Third, there must be a mechanism behind the brand for innovation. A team of united, progressive, innovative and progressive talents. These connotation are the most basic element that builds world brand.



Industrial chain scale is an important support for core competitiveness and brand. Without scale effect, it is impossible to reduce production and selling cost to the most reasonable scale. The service chain cannot be extended to support the effectiveness of the innovation r&d system. In the world's strong hair machinery under the status quo, we must consider the industry strong alliance and strong mergers and acquisitions.

To integrate industry homogenization and low - level competition development model. Capital transactions gradually sorted out, standardized, and in line with the company's related party transaction rules. The reliability of financial reporting, the legality of production and operations, the power and effectiveness of operations, and the company's internal controls did not have a significant impact. Flocking machinery industry restructuring, transformation and promotion of the development of ideas and methods involved in all aspects, here is not detailed. Now, according to their own development characteristics, enterprises are also trying to explore innovative elements. However, these innovative elements should be developed in the direction of strategic decision-making and step by step to gain new development space.

First: copper wire brief bending

1. Replace the copper part cut by the flocking machine head. 2. Replace the worn copper cutter. 3, planting hair and copper knife adjustment is not appropriate, from the beginning adjustment. 4. Remove and eradicate the foreign body in the heart touching surface of the hair planting head and the hair planting head. 5. The height of the copper cutting knife should be adjusted from the beginning; Make the copper wire too long and shorten it. 6, poor quality copper wire, such as twists and turns, too wide or too thick, replace the new copper wire.

Second: planting machine copper wire size piece, copper wire cut after the length of the different. 1, copper wire clip wear, polished from the beginning or replace. 2, copper wire stopper wear, copper wire stopper face use or replace.

Third: when the bristles copper wire into the brush handle point of view is wrong, the formation of copper wire can not be stuck bristles or copper wire a brief adjustment. 1. Copper wire size piece, refer to copper wire size piece. 2. Copper wire adjustment is too short. 3. The distance between the hair planting head and brush handle is too large, so adjust the interval before and after. 4. Wear, smooth or replace the front end of the hair planting needle. 5. If the front end outlet of the planting head is worn, replace the planting head.

Fourth: planting machine bristles tension lack. 1, the copper wire is too short, adjust the length. 2, the hair planting depth is not good, the hair planting needle length. The bristles length is not even (all), the direction of the brush hole is not adjusted properly, adjust the brush handle from the beginning. Improper adjustment of up and down, azimuth bristles height, adjust the height of the rack and the support.

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