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How to prevent the malfunction of the high speed toothbrush shaper


Due to the influence of materials, technology, parts aging and human factors, the high speed toothbrush flocking machine will inevitably have a variety of failures in use. However, if you can correctly analyze the causes of various failures, take effective, targeted preventive measures, as far as possible to slow down the damage rate of the parts of the toothbrush flocking machine, it can effectively prevent the failure of the toothbrush flocking machine, extend the service life of the toothbrush flocking machine.

1. Minimize the influence of harmful factors

(1) reduce the influence of impurities in the toothbrush grooming machine

Mechanical impurities generally refer to dust, soil and other non-metallic materials and machinery in the use of their own production of some metal chips, wear products. Once these impurities enter the mechanical interior, reached between the mechanical surface, its harm is very big, not only make the relative movement out of the block, accelerate the wear and tear of the parts, and will abrade with the surface, destroy lubricating film, make the parts temperature rise, lubricating oil deterioration. According to the measurement, when the mechanical impurity in lubrication increases to 0.15%, the wear speed of the first piston ring of the engine will be 2.5 times larger than the normal value. When the rolling shaft enters the impurity particle, its life will be reduced by 80-90%. Therefore, for the work in the environment is bad, complex conditions for the machinery, one should use high quality, supporting parts and lubricating oil, grease, plug the source of harmful impurities; Second, to do a good job in the field of mechanical protection work, to ensure that the corresponding mechanism can work normally, prevent all kinds of impurities into the machinery. To the machinery that appears fault, undertake repairing to regular repair place as far as possible. Site repair, also to do a good job of protective measures to prevent the replacement of parts in the field repair before entering the machine by dust and other impurities pollution.

(2) reduce the influence of temperature

In operation, the temperature of each part has its own normal range. If the temperature of the general cooling water is 80-90℃, the temperature of the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic transmission system is 30-60℃, lower or higher than this range will accelerate the wear of parts, cause lubricant deterioration, resulting in material performance changes and so on. The test shows that the main transmission gear and bearing of all kinds of machinery run in -5℃ lubricating oil than in 3℃ lubricating oil, wear will increase 10-12 times. But when the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the deterioration of lubricating oil, such as the oil temperature is more than 55-60℃, every 5℃ rise in oil temperature, the oxidation rate of oil will be doubled. Therefore, in the process of using the machine, one should prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure the normal operation at low speed pretemperature stage, make the machine run or work after reaching the specified temperature, do not ignore its important role because there is no problem at that time; Second, it is necessary to prevent the machine from running under high temperature. In the process of mechanical operation, it is necessary to check the values on various temperature meters, stop the machine immediately if any problems are found, and remove the faults in time. For a time can not find the cause, must not have to deal with and still make the machine sick work. In the ordinary work, should pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system. For water-cooling machinery, it is necessary to check and add cooling water before daily work; For air-cooled machinery, dust on the air-cooled system should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth cooling air duct.

(3) reduce various corrosion effects

Metal surface and the surrounding medium chemical or electrochemical action and the destruction of the phenomenon is called corrosion. This corrosion will not only affect the mechanical appearance of the normal operation of equipment, and will corrode the internal parts of the machine. Such as rain, air in the chemical substances through the mechanical parts of the external channel, gap into the mechanical interior, corrosion of the mechanical parts of the interior, accelerate mechanical wear, increase mechanical failure. Because this kind of corrosion action is sometimes invisible, can not touch, easy to ignore people, so its harm is greater. In use, management and operators should take effective measures according to the local weather conditions, air pollution, reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery, the focus is to prevent rain and air chemical components on the machinery invasion. -[brush making machinery]

2. Ensure normal working load

The size and nature of mechanical working load have important influence on the process of mechanical loss. Generally speaking, the wear of parts increases proportionally with the increase of load. Wear increases when parts are subjected to loads higher than the average design load. In addition, under other conditions, the stable load has less wear and tear than the dynamic load, fewer faults and lower service life. The test shows that the wear of cylinder increases by 2 times when the engine works under unstable load compared with that under stable load. The engine working under normal load has lower fault rate and longer service life. On the contrary, overload operation of the engine, the failure rate increased significantly, life will be less than the design target. Mechanical wear which is often in a wide range of load changes is greater than that of machinery which operates continuously and stably. Under normal circumstances, the engine used by the generator is longer than that used by bulldozer, flocking machine excavator and so on.

Ensuring a normal working load depends primarily on the use of the machine by the operator. One should pay attention to not exceed the maximum load that the machine can bear to work, to use the machine within the capacity of the situation. As a mechanical manager, when assigning the operator, the operator should give the random mechanical data and operation manual to the operator so that the operator can normally master the mechanical properties and operating procedures, and should not arbitrarily withhold the relevant information. Second, try to ensure that the mechanical load of the uniform increase and decrease, so that the machine is in a relatively gentle change in the load, to be specific, is to be relatively uniform increase and decrease the throttle, to prevent the engine, work device action ups and downs.

3, to ensure the reasonable lubrication of the toothbrush planting machine

The grinding of the working surface of parts, the corrosion of the surface of parts and the aging of materials are the three main forms of mechanical parts under normal use conditions, and the failure caused by the wear of the working surface of parts accounts for the largest proportion. That is to say, the wear and tear of machinery is one of the main reasons that make its various parts to the limit of technical state. So, solve the problem of wear and tear of mechanical parts. In addition to the use of excellent materials, the choice of advanced manufacturing technology, the design of a reasonable mechanical structure, in the use of the process to do an important job is to ensure the reasonable lubrication of the machinery. According to statistics, more than half of mechanical failures are caused by poor lubrication. Due to the precision of the mechanical parts, good lubrication can make it maintain normal working clearance and appropriate working temperature, so as to reduce the wear of parts.

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