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Note on brush of high speed bristling machine


The quality problem of the brush of the high-speed bristles planting machine of toothbrush is generally reflected by the obvious quality problem of the bristles. However, in addition to the brush quality area, it is also necessary to analyze the processing technology. The common case analysis is as follows:

1, processing crush brush wire

High speed toothbrush bristles machine when bristles or pressed brush damage, the strength and resistance of large impact, or brush root contact surface is very sharp or rough, brush wire resistance will be reduced, shorten the service life.

2, the difference in processing technology

Sometimes brush with his familiar process instead of the other, also can produce quality is poor, such as metal stamping brush, because of the dense, brush the surface hardness is larger, applied pressure is small, and we have a small amount of wire brush root activity space, can reduce the impact of the root, in the pneumatic machinery processing, the application of life will be significantly longer than flocking processing and brush.


3, brush wire density is small

Some brush factory in order to save the cost of silk, the number of brush roots per hole sparse, or brush hole density is not enough, resulting in the brush roller of the overall amount of sparse, brush surface soft and weak, low efficiency when grinding, users do not know so, increase the back pressure or speed to improve the efficiency, so that brush wire overload work, life greatly reduced.

4, brush wire planting inclined

When pressing the u-shaped metal strip, you should pay special attention to whether the brush wire smooth, if the emergence of cross tilt, brush roller operation reverse brush wire resistance increased greatly, easy to break the wire, the life of the brush roller is greatly reduced.

5,Brush the bristles too long

When the length of brush wire is too long, it is not the section of brush wire that is working, but the side of brush wire that is working. What is more important is that the amplitude of swing of each wire increases greatly. At the speed of 800-2500 / min, the stress and fatigue coefficient of brush wire root increases exponentially, resulting in the breakage of abrasive brush wire and deformation of the brush.

6. Brush hair removal

There are two main conditions: single bundle shedding, local depilation. Single tuft depilation is the stability of hair planting is not good, mainly related to the size of borehole, planting, depth, the number of roots of the hair, generally can be detected by the tension test of single tuft hair; Local depilation is given priority to with broken wool actually, basically be concerned with the force dynamic balance of brush roller, brush silk quality, plant wool quality, pass careful observation, can find out sticking point.

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