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Engel tells you which brush is better, a soft toothbrush or a hard toothbrush


What kind of toothbrush is better? This is troubling a lot of care for oral health people's question, a small toothbrush, but related to their own and the whole family's oral health (some housewives may help the whole family choose a toothbrush), so, like buying a toothbrush such work seems trivial, but not simple. Everyone may have different opinions about toothbrushing and brushing, and some mainstream questions have been formed in the community and BBS. Below, the toothbrush plant plant - siming brush industry small series will be compared to the common questions to give a more scientific answer.

Too soft hair easy to brush unclean, simple teeth residual bacteria can not be useful cleaning. And too hard hair, simple injury teeth and gums, causing gingival bleeding, tooth damage and other questions. The bristles should be soft or slightly soft (not too soft). Current bristles are mostly made of nylon. Specifically, it can be divided into two types of ordinary silk and dupont silk. Dupont wire elastic better, not simple down.

Curved toothbrush head better for cleaning teeth?

With the development of society, the variety and shape of the toothbrush is also increasing, brush head square and diamond, oval, brush bristles on the edge of wavy, flat and v-shaped.

Some people think that the curved toothbrush is more useful for cleaning teeth, but originally, regardless of the shape of the brush head and bristles and even the shape of the brush handle, the role of brushing has no significant impact.

Is the area of toothbrush head bigger brush teeth more useful?

Some people think that a bigger head will reduce the number of strokes and give them a wider range of teeth. Some people think, brush head is a little bit smaller, high-speed toothbrush planting machine can ensure the toothbrush in the mouth flexible roll, so cleaning is more useful.

Originally, the size of the brush head should be determined according to individual conditions, need to conclude thinking about the size of the mouth, the degree of mouth opening and personal habits and other elements. There is no consistent specification. Adult toothbrush should be: brush head length about 2.54-3.18cm, width about 0.79-0.95cm; Brush 2-4 rows, 5-12 bunches each. However, adults can also choose children's toothbrushes with a head 2.3 cm long and 0.8 cm wide.

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