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The main points of process debugging of the bristler toothbrush bristler system


The transmission structure of the high-speed toothbrush bristler consists of the main drive shaft and four servo drive shaft systems.The four servo axes are horizontal X axis, vertical Y axis, moult Z axis and rotation A axis.The coordinates of XY axis determine the position of the toothbrush hole. Axis A plays the role of changing the toothbrush to the next toothbrush, and axis Z plays the role of changing the color of the toothbrush.When the spindle motor (controlled by frequency converter) runs, the four electrically controlled servo axes will run accordingly. When the spindle stops, the other four axes will follow.Spindle speed determines the speed of hair planting, four servo shaft response requirements coordinated drive, otherwise there will be hair removal or hair uneven phenomenon.


Key points of debugging

The difficulty of developing the servo solution of the toothbrush bristler is the joint debugging of the electromechanical system, which is mainly the adjustment of servo gain and the coordination of the trigonometric function curve of PLC. Among the four servo axes, the X axis and Y axis are relatively stable due to the mechanical inertia of the screw drive structure, so it is relatively easy to debug them and modify the speed gain. However, the Z axis of the flip plate is a rotating axis. Centrifugal force exists in high-speed rotation. If the gain is simply set at a high level, the motor will vibrate when it starts and stops. Relatively molt U axis of the structure of the mechanical CAM mechanism makes debugging more difficult, plus the U axis machine rigidity is not good, when the motor running inertia ratio change is bigger, the motor output current change is bigger also, parameter tuning is not good, about motor is running, the shaft vibration or whistlers, either or unresponsive, parameter adjustment of speed loop gain, filtering time parameter and position loop gain is need to make corresponding adjustment.





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